Tom Johnson, founder and President of Minuteman Financial, is a personal financial advocate and counselor that has been providing trusted advice, money management and financial crisis counseling for over three decades. Tom has walked hand-in-hand with thousands of clients, guiding them in all areas of their financial life. Today Tom Johnson and Minuteman Financial are involved with the local community, businesses and professional networks educating people to what their options are and how to avoid financial crisis. and disaster that can affect the rest of their life. His counseling services include:

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Creditor Intervention
  • Credit Repair
  • Money Management
  • Financial Crisis Management
  • Mortgage modification
  • Transitional Planning


The core of Tom Johnson’s message is

“You need to take ownership of your situation and be willing to change before you can transform your financial trials to triumph”

Tom works tirelessly for his clients in communicating that no situation is hopeless. Tom is an advocate who champions the cause of his clients by negotiating with banks, creditors as well as legal and financial professionals to bring a positive outcome to thousands of crisis situations. Tom has guided his clients through the most hopeless situations, providing for a fresh start and peace of mind. Tom brings this message to churches, community groups and to meetings large and small. Consider bringing Tom Johnson and his message of financial transformation to your group.


Minuteman Financial, utilizing decades of experience and hundreds of successful outcomes, has developed strategies the most important financial issues that families are facing today, including:

  1. Financial Crisis Management
  2. Budgeting and Goal Setting, How to Achieve Your Impossible Dream
  3. Pre and Post Bankruptcy Planning including How to Restore your Credit
  4. Home foreclosure Defense and Strategic Mortgage Default and much more.

We Walk With Our Clients Through Troubled Waters

A Unique Counseling Resource!

Are you…

  • screening your calls due to collectors?
  • maxed out on your credit cards?
  • not opening your mail?
  • thinking of bankruptcy?


  • your mortgage in arrears or underwater?
  • your car being repossessed?
  • your credit report a mess?
  • the IRS threatening you?


  • your $$ problems killing relationships?
  • you frustrated, angry, afraid?
  • you looking for a “way out”?

Time, patience, and knowledge are needed to take care of these problems. If you are missing any of these, YOU NEED US!






Real Life Stories of FINANCIAL FREEDOM

One of our clients that is an empty nester encountered severe financial problems and decided with our counsel to proceed with a foreclosure. Once they overcame the FEAR & TREMBLING of the whole idea, we executed the plan perfectly. They rented a five year old home on a golf course for $1200 less per month than their mortgage had been. We assisted in rebuilding the credit and in two and a half years, were able to qualify them for a new mortgage at prime rates with a mortgage payment $400 lower than the rent they had been paying. CREDIT recovered, PEACE of mind, and NEW HOME OWNERSHIP all accomplished in less than three years.

You too, can accomplish great things with Knowledge, a Plan, Commitment and Execution of the Plan.

“Your One-Stop Shop for Personal Finances”

“Since starting with Tom Johnson three years ago, our lives have changed. When we first met with Mr. Johnson, we had more bills than money. Our credit was poor and having savings and investments were just a hope.

Now, we have improves credit, savings, and investment. Our bills are paid on time and I even answer the phone knowing that it is not a creditor looking for thier money.”

Tom and Dana, Clients of Tom Johnson
“I want to say thank you to everyone at Minuteman Financial.
We were so stressed and worried that we would lose our house, but you are all so knowledgeable and you quickly fixed our mortgage. I can’t believe it was so quick. Thank you so much. Thank you also for teaching us how to lower our bills.
If anyone asks or need financial help, I am sending them to you. You guys are great.”
Jean & Roland Welker, Clients of Tom Johnson
“Tom Johnson has enabled us to work & live stress free. I was afraid to go to the mail box or answer the phone, until discovering Minuteman Financial.

Tom haswliminated the stress of managing a household budget and has created our savings, Christmas, and a vacation account in under 3 years.

Now, home improvement, emergencies, college tuition and untimely automobile repairs are no longer a problem. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy our lives and live stress free.”

Sincerly, Rob and Chris, Clients of Tom Johnson

A Wise Man Seeks Counsel

It is amazing how it has positively affected my health… no more sleepless nights, no more stomach aches, no more headaches, no more backaches, clear skin, increase energy… and the list goes on and on right down to a happier healthier marriage…
T.S Lake Geneva, Wi
“I no longer fear answering the phone or going to the mailbox.”
J.S. Fox Lake, IL
“it’s nice to know we aren’t just a number, that there is also a personal relationship, too. That is priceless…”
C.A. McHenry, IL
“Until we used PIF, I never knew financial freedom.”
R.C. Wauconda, IL
“If I could ever get my own financial life in order, I would love to help other people get there too… What a rewarding feeling!”
D.S. Chicago, IL
“To give up control is actually to gain control.”
A.M. Crystal Lake, IL

“We are small enough to care… large enough to serve you well!”


“Depressed, frustrated, angry, hopeless and the list goes on. Americans are facing loss of income, overwhelming bills, credit card debt and even bankruptcy, as much as 40% of all homes in America are worth less than the balances of the mortgage. Many in retirement have seen their 401k and pensions take major hits in this financial crisis, leaving them with little hope of financial security. It is time for a radical makeover.”

*Attorneys    *CPAs    *Credit unions    *Lenders    *IRS Specialists    *Investment Advisors

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